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Punta Cana Carnival 2024

Punta Cana Carnival 2024

The beginning of the Punta Cana Carnival dates back to the year 2008 when Grupo Punta Cana took the initiative to create this free event with the aim of promoting the folk traditions of both the Dominican Republic and participating countries. This unique experience is offered to numerous visitors, both local and foreign, as a way to celebrate and share cultural customs.

The fifteenth edition of the Punta Cana Carnival is scheduled for Saturday, February 3, 2024, and will take place on Boulevard 1 de Noviembre in Punta Cana Village.

The doors will open from 2:30 pm, marking the beginning of a spectacular parade at 3:30 pm.

More than 20 troupes will participate in this event, with the presence of over 1,500 carnival participants from both the Dominican Republic and various parts of the world. Together, they will celebrate the richness of Dominican folklore and culture.


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