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Punta Cana souvenirs

What to buy in Punta Cana? The best souvenirs

After a good trip, we all want to return brimming with souvenirs from Punta Cana for our loved ones, those little treasures that allow them to experience the magic of the place and transport themselves, in some way, through a simple detail. Whether it’s a gift to share or a figurine we gift to ourselves, these objects make us relive the happy days of disconnection and adventure. Because what would a trip be without a souvenir that instantly takes us back to those paradisiacal beaches of the Dominican Republic?

That’s why we’re going to help you choose wisely which souvenirs to buy in Punta Cana. Among the typical souvenirs of the Dominican Republic stand out:


Mamajuana is an emblematic drink of the Dominican Republic, with a rich history deeply rooted in Dominican culture. This beverage is a unique blend of herbs, roots, and spices macerated in rum, honey, and red wine, creating an aromatic liquor with medicinal properties.

Bottle of mamajuana

Dominican rum

Dominican rum is an iconic beverage that is an integral part of the culture and history of the Dominican Republic. Known for its exceptional quality and distinctive flavor, Dominican rum has gained international recognition as one of the finest rums in the world.

One of the distinct characteristics of Dominican rum is its smoothness and sweetness, which is attributed in part to the tropical climate and ideal sugarcane-growing conditions on the island. Dominican rum is made from sugarcane molasses, which is fermented and distilled to produce a smooth and aromatic liquor with notes of vanilla, caramel, and tropical fruits.

Dominican paintings

Dominican paintings are a popular form of art and a distinctive memento of the Dominican Republic. These paintings often reflect the rich culture and natural beauty of the country. Common themes include tropical landscapes, coastal scenes, portraits of local people, as well as representations of everyday life and Dominican traditions.

Dominican paintings

Taino Crafts

Taino crafts from the Dominican Republic reflect the rich cultural heritage of the island. The Tainos were the indigenous inhabitants of the island of Hispaniola (now the Dominican Republic and Haiti) before the arrival of Europeans. Their art is characterized by a deep connection with nature, as well as unique shapes and designs, often representing human figures, animals, and spiritual symbols.

Taino crafts

Faceless dolls

Limé dolls, or faceless dolls, are famous for their lack of facial features. Despite the absence of facial features, these dolls are beautifully adorned with traditional Dominican attire, which often includes colorful dresses, hats, and elaborate jewelry.

Faceless dolls are typically handcrafted by local artisans.

Faceless Dolls


Larimar is a unique semiprecious stone found exclusively in the Dominican Republic, specifically in a region called Barahona. This stone, also known as the “Caribbean stone” or, as commonly referred to in the Dominican Republic, the “stone of love,” is appreciated for its light blue color and beautiful white veins that give it a distinctive and elegant appearance.

It is believed that this stone possesses spiritual and healing properties, and many believe it promotes tranquility, serenity, and emotional balance.

The extraction and carving of larimar are laborious processes that require skill and experience. Dominican artisans transform these stones into beautiful pieces of jewelry, such as earrings, bracelets, rings, and pendants. Each piece of larimar is unique, as the veins and color patterns vary from one stone to another.

Larimar stone necklace


Dominican amber is a unique gem formed from the fossilized resin of prehistoric trees. What distinguishes it is its rich tonality ranging from golden yellow to deep orange, and it can even include reddish and brown hues.

What makes Dominican amber even more special is the presence of natural inclusions, such as insects and plants, trapped within the resin during its fossilization process. The variability of colors and its natural inclusions make it an exceptionally beautiful and attractive piece of jewelry.

In addition to its aesthetic beauty and scientific value, Dominican amber is also considered a semiprecious stone with spiritual and healing properties at a psychic and emotional level.

Dominican Coffee and Cocoa

Dominican coffee and cocoa have earned an international reputation for their exceptional quality and distinctive flavor.

The Dominican Republic boasts ideal climatic conditions for the cultivation of coffee and cocoa, with fertile lands, varied altitudes, and a tropical climate that favors the development of coffee and cocoa beans. These natural conditions, combined with the dedication and care of local farmers, have led to a continuously growing industry.

Dominican Cigars and Tobacco

The Dominican Republic is one of the leading tobacco producers in the world and has gained a reputation for its premium cigars.

Dominican cigars are handcrafted by expert cigar rollers, who carefully select tobacco leaves, ferment them, and meticulously roll them to create cigars that offer an exceptional smoking experience.


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